Managing staff

The following documents are free and are here to help you manage staff. Others are available to help with Hiring staff and Disciplining staff. Download Acas' new Managing People  guidance.


Absence and personal records

Shared Parental Leave


Staff studies



Note: The samples for letters, forms and checklists are here to help you, but users must take full responsibility for the content they send out.

Further guidance

If, after looking at these templates, you feel you need additional help on managing staff, Acas has other free guidance you can download.

Topics include:

Alternatively you can call the Acas Helpline.

Acas training and support for your organisation

Acas advisers can help with a range of management and employment relations issues. We can visit your organisation, discuss the support you need and tailor solutions to help. Find out more about Acas Workshops, projects and business solutions.

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