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Malcolm Boswell, West Midlands Area Director

Are you HS2 ready?

If you don't make trains, don't worry there is still a piece of the HS2 legacy for you.

It isn't just a train, this is a chance particularly for SMEs in the West Midlands to benefit over the next few decades from the business opportunities that are available to make HS2 a success including government support and grants.

Whether you are a manufacturer of screws, bolts, a provider of cleaning or catering there could be a business opportunity that safeguarding your company for a generation. So how do you find out whether there is a chance for you?

How can Acas help you with this?

As this is a Government backed operation there will be particular requirements that you as a business will need to meet, we can help you with one of the fundamental ones - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).

To get started and find out if you are HS2 ready go through these short questions as a pulse check:

  • Does your business have an Equality and Diversity Policy?
  • If so, do you review its effectiveness?
  • Is there senior management commitment to promoting equality and diversity within your business?
  • Is equality and diversity training provided to your employees?
  • Are staff and managers aware of how to recognise and deal with bullying and harassment?
  • Are you confident that your recruitment and selection procedure is non-discriminatory?
  • Are employees in your business aware of how to request flexible working arrangements?
  • Are male and female employees paid equally for similar work?
  • Do your employees reflect a diverse range of people (for example, age, sex, race)?

Simply answer yes or no to the above questions, the more you answer yes the more HS2 ready you are. If there are any "no" answers then not to worry, contact us and we will do a free EDI diagnostic for you and advise you on the best steps to take.

Contact our Customer Services Team on 0300 123 1150 or complete our Customer Contact Form.

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