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Acas' Research and Evaluation Section undertakes and commissions a range of in-depth research projects, findings from which are captured in our research papers series. These papers comprise both evaluations of Acas services and reports which contribute to wider employment relations debates.

Mental illness is the largest single cause of disability in the UK and the range of mental health conditions can make its management difficult and challenging. The Acas report into pdf  The Management of Mental Health at Work [601kb] explores a range of learning points that can be drawn from this case study research to promote positive mental health at work.

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Acas-sponsored reports on the impact of the Information and Consultation Directive

Acas commissioned research in collaboration with BIS and the CIPD on the impact of the Information and Consultation Directive. The research, carried out by Warwick University, involved a series of case studies in small, medium sized and larger workplaces. Companies were visited across a period of three years in order to explore progress on consultation arrangements.

Click to download the four reports that have been published so far from the BIS website (all open in new windows).

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Earlier papers

Acas Individual Conciliation 1998 (RP01)
Author: Jane Lewis and Robin Legard (Social and Community Planning Research)
This report gives a detailed account of what applicants, respondent s and their representatives want from conciliation, how they see the process and how satisfied they are with the service they receive. This paper is not available to download. Hard copies are available from our publication section of the website

An Evaluation of Homeworking in Acas (RP02)
Author: Ursula Huws, Siobhan O'Regan and Sheila Honey (Institute for Employment Studies)
A report on the experiences of Acas home workers, of particular interest to those who would like to initiate or develop a homeworking strategy and those assessing the impact of existing homeworking arrangements. This paper is not available to download. Hard copies are available from our publication section of the website.

Employment relations in Britain: 25 years of Acas (MP01)
Author: Brian Towers and William Brown (Eds.)
A collection of papers written by a range of experts in employment relations, commissioned to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Acas, covering its past work and future challenges. This paper is not available to download.

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