Employee engagement

Happy and productive people equals growth

Key Points:

The four key ingredients of a happier, more motivated and more productive workforce are:

Every organisations success is built on its people. Get the people bit right and you are likely to have motivated, productive staff and a more successful business.

Acas has been specialising in the people bit of workplace life for the past thirty-five years. We can help you take the four basic ingredients of employee engagement and produce a more motivated, happy business. Our advice is free and impartial and our voice is independent, which means we listen closely to your concerns.

We know that in reality workplaces are made up of far more than four component parts. There are other critical elements like accessing finance, customers, accommodation, skills, innovation, regulation etc.

But people are key. Get it wrong and you may be faced with low morale, poor levels of motivation and higher levels of absence. And you will often be lacking that creative spark - particularly when it comes to interacting with your customers.

What is employee engagement?

Engagement can't be imposed from above. It's about creating a cultural shift in the way organisations behave. For example:

Employee ownership - a working partnership with employee engagement

Thinking about employee ownership? See GOV.UK - Employee ownership businesses