Travel disruption

From time to time, travel disruption can affect an employees ability to get to work on time, or in some cases at all. For situations from public transport cancellations to severe weather, employers and employees should consider how this could impact on the workforce.

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How can staff keep difficulties to a minimum?

If some staff manage to get into work but others can not but still get paid is that fair?

While employees are not legally entitled to receive payment if not at work, some employers realise adverse weather and other factors that can affect travel don't happen often and may be flexible where possible. It can be frustrating for those who can get to work while others can't but not all situations are the same and it probably won't go unnoticed by managers.

What happens if the schools are closed and parents can not come to work?

In emergency situations an employee is entitled to take unpaid time off to look after dependants, although this would not normally apply to a situation where the employee was required to look after their children as a result of not having any childcare arrangements. In extreme weather conditions this could be seen as an emergency situation.

It's important to point out that this is Time Off for Dependants and as such an employee is entitled to as much unpaid time off as a tribunal decides is reasonable to make alternative arrangements for childcare. In other words, the right to time off may vary as per each individuals circumstance. Whilst some employers may offer this as holiday that is only with agreement from the employee and only if the employer wants to offer/accept it.

Employers may wish to see if some staff could work from home.

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