Be aware of Acas imitators

Have you been approached by anyone claiming to be working in association with Acas?

We sometimes receive complaints, mainly from employers, about companies contacting them who say they are part of and/or acting on behalf of Acas. They typically offer free initial advice but then ask you to sign up to a long-term, often expensive contract for employment and/or health and safety advice. Here are some points to help you avoid Acas Imitators:

If you receive a call from a company claiming to be associated with us or if you are simply looking for us on the internet, please check the contact details carefully to ensure they are ours:

How do Acas's services differ from those of other providers?

Are you concerned about an experience with a possible Acas Imitator?

Tell us and we'll do our best to put a stop to it now. Write to us using our Comments, Complaints and Compliments facility or call our helpline. If possible, please provide the following information:

Do you believe you may have been misled by an Acas Imitator? All may not be lost - Consider seeking legal advice as you may have a claim against the Acas Imitator.