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Recruiting an employee: A step-by-step guide

Recruiting an employee

Be prepared: How hard can it be?

You may have been running your business on your own, but now need some help, so you're looking to take on your first employee. Or maybe you've hired before, but they ended up leaving.

You may have heard that employing someone involves too much red tape - and that they can take you to an employment tribunal if things go wrong.

Perhaps it's better to just struggle on alone? But then again, you do need that help - and is it really that tricky to take on someone so you are both happy?

No, it isn't, but there are guidelines you will need to follow.

This tool is aimed at small firms and organisations, and line and team managers in larger organisations.

Acas training

If you're new to HR or employing people you can also sign up for our HR for Beginners training. It's specially tailored to help small firms get their recruitment, contracts, and managing people's performance right. See Human resources management for beginners course dates and locations.

Acas also has a full range of other training courses on hiring, managing and getting the best from staff.