Is it OK to ask?

A new practical scenario based Diversity course

Ask yourself.

Now ask yourself.

If any of the questions above have made you think about practices in your organisation you may benefit from attending this Acas training event.

About this training

This event focuses on some of the common and often complex situations that employers may face when managing a diverse workforce.

We will also provide you with examples of best practice which will be related to different scenarios. This will help you address and manage these situations more effectively in the future.

By the end of this training you will be able to:

Those who would benefit from attending are HR professionals, owners of small businesses, supervisors and line managers, employee representatives, employment relations specialists, equality and diversity practitioners and those new to HR or employment relations or taking on responsibility for these areas in their organisation.

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A comment about this training:

Workplace problems can arise where a manager feels uncomfortable in entering into dialogue with a staff member where there is potential for a misunderstanding which could relate to a persons race, gender or other protected characteristic. Early constructive communication can avoid these misunderstandings which can lead to disputes.

This course helps enable employers and managers to have the confidence to make reasonable and proportionate decisions or accommodation through dialogue.

'Is it okay to ask' draws on our practical experience from answering around 900,000 Helpline calls per year. This together with working with companies and organisations to help them resolve workplace disputes, and improve people policies, working practices, processes and productivity for over 40 years leaves us well placed to train our delegates in how to resolve practical, workplace based issues.

Delegates have told us that the training provided them with a range of practical new approaches and also policy suggestions that can be taken back to the workplace. They have also told us that the scenarios we present in the training are very much those that they have needed to address in their own working lives.

This course will help any organisation that wants their managers to have the knowledge and the skills to help positively manage a diverse workforce.

Brian Cunningham-Thornton, Head of Advisory Services Policy at Acas

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