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Managing discipline - Investigation to possible dismissal: A guide

True or false? 2

Managing discipline - Myth busting: True or false? Case study two

Poor performance and unacceptable conduct at work, once they become disciplinary matters, can be treated in the same way - they just mean someone is not up to scratch.

They are not exactly the same.

How a manager investigates, writes to the employee, holds a meeting and the right of appeal are the same in issues of both conduct and job performance. But the actions taken are different at the first stage.

In matters concerning conduct, an employee may get a first written warning where another breach must not happen again for a set period, normally 12 months.

In issues concerning job performance, the employee will not get a first written warning, but an improvement note spelling out improvements which must be made within a set period.

Or, it may turn out that the employee has not been properly trained, so a programme of training should be organised to help them reach the required standard.

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