Acas Directors

The following explains the structure of the organisation and its senior directors.

Sir Brendan Barber is Chair of the Acas Council.

The Acas Council sets the overall strategic direction for the organisation and provides strategic leadership in all aspects of the work of Acas.

Susan Clews is the Chief Executive of Acas.

Susan chairs the Executive Board, who are responsible for strategic decision making in Acas, working with the Council to inform the overall strategic direction of Acas; overseeing organisation performance and delivery of the strategic and business plans; resources and capability; and risk management.

Acas Board members are:

  • Ian Wood, Director of Strategy
  • James Vincent, Director of Digital, Data & Technology
  • Rob Mackintosh, Director of Finance, Estates & People
  • Tony Cooper, Chief Operations Officer

Acas Directors are open to feedback about how we can do things better & would welcome comments made on the Comments, Complaints and Compliments page.

However if you would like to contact any of the Directors about a separate matter you can email: