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Our free-to-attend webinars are a great way to keep up to date with important aspects of employment law and employment relations.

The events are interactive and feature Acas experts who will be on hand to answer any questions you have.

Our webinars often fill up quickly, so we advise that delegates register early to avoid disappointment.

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Managing a Fair Disciplinary Process

This webinar will cover:

  • How an informal approach may be useful
  • Conducting investigations
  • The companion role to someone in a disciplinary or investigation hearing
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Appeals against the original outcome
  • Further support available.

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Recordings of previous events

Winter issues, hosted 11 December 2018

Meet the Acas webinar team

Claire Berkley - Senior Business Manager - Webinar Manager

Claire has worked at Acas for six years, she started her career on the Acas helpline before moving to an operational support role and recently joined the training branch of Acas. Responsible for the webinar team Claire oversees all webinar work and seeks to listen to the needs of Acas customers (both internal and external) to develop the programme.

Anthony Bainbridge - Helpline Manager - Webinar Presenter

Anthony started his career on the Acas helpline and now manages a team of expert advisers as well as presenting our webinars.

John Bidder - Guidance Adviser - Webinar Presenter

John has undertaken many roles during in his career in Acas, from handling individual conciliation cases, mediation work with customers and internal staff training, John now works as part of the team responsible for developing our external training and of course, webinars.

Julie Docherty - Guidance Adviser - Webinar Organiser

Julie has undertaken a number of roles including individual conciliator and mediator before joining the training team. Julie develops and writes external training courses for our trainers to deliver to our customers sharing her expertise. Julie is a webinar organiser who takes part in sessions and makes sure everything behind the scenes run smoothly.

Laura Ryan - Helpline Manager - Webinar Presenter

Laura started her career on the Acas helpline and now manages a team of expert advisers as well as presenting our webinars.

Sue Terry - Guidance Adviser - Webinar Administrator

Sue has undertaken a number of roles within Acas and currently works on developing our e-learning modules, which are a free online training resource covering a variety of employment relations topics - for more information visit Acas Learning OnLine.

Sue works behind the scenes on the webinars ensuring we have staff to answer your questions, webinars are scheduled and are promoted ahead of the day.

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