Line Manager Skills Passport

A certificated, modular programme*, for line managers, supervisors, senior managers and employee representatives who wish to develop or update knowledge, competence and confidence across the full range of employment topics. The programme is focused on your policies and provides a valuable and usable management toolkit based on the latest thinking in employment relations.

Delegates will receive an Acas certificate of attendance.

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*Days delivered to suit your own organisational needs.

Day 1 Morning Session

Policies and procedures, terms and conditions

By law all employees must receive written terms and conditions of their employment. In this session we look at what a contract of employment is and the different types of contract that exist. We consider different working patterns, shift arrangement, holidays, and holiday pay. We explain how policies and procedures govern the employment relationship and look at your procedures that managers need to work with to ensure fairness and consistency.

Day 1 Afternoon Session

Essential line manager skills

Line managers are key members of the management team and yet have close contact with those they supervise. They need training and guidance to gain confidence in their role. This session will enable them to understand how their role fits into the organisation and the importance of communicating with, leading and motivating the team.

Day 2 Morning Session

Recruitment and Selection

Employers aim to recruit the right people with the right skills, behaviours and capabilities for your business. This session looks at planning your staffing needs, creating job adverts through to recruiting using social media, shortlisting and preparing for interviews. This course covers the entire process including how to induct and retain new employees once they arrive within your workplace.

Day 2 Afternoon Session

Managing Performance and Appraisal

Performance management systems ensure staff understand the standards required of them, are able to prioritise their work and know how it fits into the overall aims of the business. This event looks at the "do's and don'ts" of appraisal, setting objectives, monitoring and improving performance, and giving effective feedback.

Day 3 Morning session

Discipline and Grievance

All those involved in managing staff need to have a grasp of their internal disciplinary and grievance procedures as they help promote good employment relations and ensure fair and consistent treatment in the workplace. This interactive session includes how to resolve issues at the earliest opportunity, and how to prepare for and conduct a disciplinary meeting. The session then looks at how to deal with formal and informal grievances.

Day 3 Afternoon session

Disciplinary Investigations

Investigations are held to clarify and establish the facts of a case and to help decide if there are grounds to call a disciplinary meeting, or dismiss a member of staff. Employers can be held liable if a poor investigation leads to an unfair dismissal. This course covers planning and conducting an investigation, analysing the evidence and drafting a report of the findings.

Day 4 - Morning Session

Managing staff absences

Absences and their effects on operating costs and productivity are a concern for most organisations and levels of stress are on the increase. This training will show delegates how to improve attendance levels using your attendance policy and how to conduct effective return to work interviews. We provide frameworks for exploring issues affecting attendance in a fair and non-invasive manner, and look at how stress and pressure can lead to illnesses and absences.

Day 4 Afternoon Session

Tackling Unacceptable behaviours

Unacceptable behaviours, such as bullying and harassment or aggressive attitudes are harmful to everyone at work. This event looks at how managers should use their equality policy to deal with negative behaviours and promote a positive team culture taking account of discrimination laws and all associated rights.

Day 5 - All Day

Mental health in the workplace

Managers may have an understanding of mental health, yet they are often hesitant to address it through fear of saying the wrong thing or making matters worse. However, early intervention is key. It provides an opportunity for the manager and the individual to discuss the support they might need to stay in work, not only benefiting the individual but the team and the organisation as a whole. Delegates attending this event will gain an increased understanding of the different mental ill health conditions and how to recognise the signs and symptoms. Delegates will learn how to effectively engage with their staff at an early stage, have constructive conversations and be aware of the range of practical support available for individuals.

Day 6 - All Day

Having Difficult Conversations

One of the most challenging parts of managing performance is initiating conversations around sensitive topics. Being able to tackle contentious issues in a balanced, calm and consistent way is a valued skill in all areas of working life and can improve a line manager's credibility with their team. This event covers ways of addressing sensitive subject matters like bullying, emotional issues, resistance to criticism and poor performance. The event includes practical exercises where you will get hands on experience of how to manage discussions around a range of awkward subjects including personality clashes, discipline and conveying dismissal.

Day 7 - All Day

The Acas Leadership Framework

Good leadership is essential to successfully manage an efficient and productive workplace. This in-depth event will introduce delegates to the new Acas framework for effective leadership and demonstrate how it can be applied in practice. It will consider the business advantages of good leadership and provide delegates with the opportunity to identify and build on their own leadership styles. Managers are in the perfect leadership position to keep staff motivated, understand their concerns and promote their positive wellbeing. Those managers who are able to have difficult conversations and build trust with their staff, are more likely to have happy and productive teams. Delegates attending this event will discover their own leadership style, gain an understanding of the new Acas framework for effective leadership and have the opportunity to put theory into practice.

The Line Manager Skills Passport is delivered either at £860* per full day or £535* per half day. The full seven day programme is available for £6020* and is inclusive of a free organisational diagnostic analysis and can be delivered as a bespoke training plan. This price is inclusive of all materials. For the best delegate experience Acas would suggest limiting the class to 12 (15 max).

Please note, these prices are not per individual they are for the entire group of up to 15 delegates maximum.

*All prices are subject to VAT

If you would like to discuss the Line Manager Skills Programme or you have any questions please contact our Customer Services team on 0300 123 1150 or email events.